Adam Kepka

Portrait photo of Adam Kepka

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office Phone: 314-353-0336


When you meet Adam you’ll find an intelligent & compassionate guy who is eager to help out.  Adam has Kentucky roots but was raised in Chicagoland.  After studying social work & psychology, he became a therapist at a nonprofit.  In real estate it’s important to have someone who listens & collaborates with you (& an actual degree in psychology doesn’t hurt!).  😉  

Adam found himself in St. Louis for graduate school &, per usual, never looked back.  He loved living in Tower Grove South & the Central West End before settling down with his husband, Ryan, in The Grove (FPSE) neighborhood.  Adam didn’t just put down new roots in St. Louis, he started investing, coordinating renovations, managing rental properties & became active in neighborhood organizations. He’s passionate about intentional community development, affordable housing, transit-oriented design, sustainability & green retrofitting, solar electricity, & historic preservation.     

Adam enjoys spending time with family & friends, native plants, music, new foods, armchair philosophy, exploring cities & nature.  He’s also a personal treat dispenser to his cat, Szasz.  

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